Wonderful Proposal Surprise For Loved Ones

  • Showing love and affection: A wonderful proposal surprise for loved ones is a way to show them how much you care and appreciate them. It demonstrates that you put thought and effort into celebrating your special day together.
  • Creating memories: An proposal surprise can create lasting memories that you and your loved one will cherish for years to come. It can be something small and simple, like a homemade dinner, or something grand and extravagant, like a surprise trip.
  • Reigniting the spark: As time goes on, it can be easy for the excitement and passion in a relationship to fade. A wonderful anniversary surprise can reignite the spark and bring back the excitement of the early days of the relationship.
  • Building trust: Trust is a crucial component of any relationship, and a wonderful anniversary surprise can help to build and strengthen it. When your loved one sees that you are willing to put in the effort to make them happy, it can help to build trust and deepen the bond between you.
  • Keeping the relationship fresh: A wonderful proposal surprise can help to keep the relationship fresh and exciting. It can break up the monotony of everyday life and remind you both why you fell in love in the first place.
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  • Drapes cloth will be used for cabana decoration.
  • Artificial leaf will be used for the  decoration
  • Fairy string light will be used for the better look
  • Mattress and table is not included in this package.
  • Flower bouquet and budvase is not included in this package.
  • 2 Heart shape foil ballon will be used for wall .
  • 50 Red and white balloon will be used for ceiling and wall.
  • 4 Led candle will be used for decoration.
  • I LOVE YOU led light will be placed near the backdrop .
  • 1 Easel stand with customized board will be placed .
  • Rose patels will be used for the floor and heart shape decoration.
  • 10 Heart shape balloon will be used for the floor
  • 20 Red Balloon will be used for the flooor.
  • 20 white balloon will be used for the floor.
  • No Helium balloon will be used for this decoration.
  • 2 Spot or led parken light will be used for better look.
  • Travel Expenses is included in this package.
  • This decoration will be done at  Roof Top,Small Hall or at Small Lawn.
  • Rate will be vary if the decoration will be done after 10 Pm.

Important Note:

  • The image displayed is indicative in nature. Actual product may vary in shape, color or design as per the availability.
  • Total set up is provide only for  rental basis.
  • You’ll need to provide a ladder to reach the ceiling.
  • All the balloon will be normal air filled ballon .
  • Decorator will not wait for more then 30 minute.
  • Except ballon  and foil balloon all material will be taken back next day.
  • No rescheduling or cancellation is possible after the decoration has been attempted.
  • If the decoration has to be done at Banquet hall or Hotel prior permission has to be provided to Venyou4u team for the set up.
  • Both side tapes will be used to stick balloon permission has to be provide from the Management team to use the tape for stick the balloons.


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