Simple Princess Theme Decoration

Decor Style ID :BD0024

Set Up Time :2 Hrs

Decor Rent Duration : 4  Hrs

Stock Availability :In Stock


Decoration Include:


Stage Backdrop Decoration:

  • Backdrop Type: Bunches Balloon backdrop
  • Size  of  backdrop  8  x  7  ft
  • 25   bunch   of   balloons  used   for   the   backdrop   decor
  •  2   bunch  balloon  pillar  of  4 ft  will  be   placed  at  each  side   of  backdrop
  • 2  barbie   theme   cut    out   placed  at  the  bunch  balloon  pillar
  • 2     bunch    balloon  pillar    of  2 ft   with   twisted   balloon  placed   in front  of  the  pillar
  • Cake   table  decoration  will  be  done  with  bunch  balloon
  • 300   balloon  used   for  decor
  • 200  linked   balloon  used  for  decor


Pathway /Party Area Decoration:

  •   100    Normal Balloon and ribbons will be used for party area surroundings  as bunches


Entrance Decoration:

  • Bunch  balloon    arch   gate  at   the   entrance
  • Twisted   balloon  will  be  used  for   arch   gate
  • 2   barbie  theme  cut  out  at  front  of  the  arch   gate
  • 200  normal  balloon  used  for  decor
  • 50   twisted   balloon  used  for  decor


Requirement From Your End:

  • All decoration with bunches of balloons for walls as per venue manager’s consent.

  • Minimum  12 ft height is required for this theme set up.

  • Sufficient set-up time should be available.

  • Cake table and cloth need to be arranged by the customer or the venue management.

  • Power supply is required for the decorations to be completed on time.

  • Ladder need to be provide to complete the decoration if necessary.
  • Access to the venue (with required permission) has to be provided to VenYou4u team by the customer to complete the decoration on time.



  • Cake,cake table, cake table cloth,  table and chair not included.
  • Stage platform not included.
  • Both side tape will be used for all bunch balloon decoration please take prior permission from the venue .



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