Decorative Anniversary Surprise Decoration

  • Celebrating milestones: A decorative anniversary surprise is a way to mark and celebrate an important milestone in a relationship, such as a wedding anniversary.
  • Showing appreciation: It is a way to show appreciation and gratitude to one’s partner for their love and support over the years.
  • Creating memories: A decorative anniversary surprise can create new memories and bring back fond memories of past celebrations.
  • Improving relationships: The act of planning and giving a decorative anniversary surprise can help to strengthen and improve a relationship.
  • Personalization: The surprise can be personalized to reflect the unique interests, tastes and preferences of the couple, making it a special and meaningful gesture.
  • Creativity: It allows an individual to be creative and come up with unique and thoughtful ideas to make the surprise special.
  • Tradition: It can become a tradition that a couple can look forward to and plan for every year, adding a sense of continuity and stability to the relationship.
  • Surprise element: The element of surprise can be exciting and make the event more special for both parties involved.
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  • Drapes cloth will be used for the decoration.
  • Bunches of balloon will be used for decoration.
  • 200 Balloon will be used for decoration.(Pastel and Chrome Balloon)
  • Fairy light will be used for the decoration.
  • Happy Anniversary neon light will be placed.
  • Neon light may not be same as shown in the image.
  • Age Number foil balloon with 16 balloon will be placed.
  • Customized cake table will be placed at the centre .
  • 16 balloon pillar will be used for the cake table.
  • 50 balloon will be used for the wall and ceiling.
  • Travel Expenses is included in this package.
  • This decoration will be done at Hall or at your Location.
  • Rate will be vary if the decoration will be done after 10 Pm.

Important Note:

  • The image displayed is indicative in nature. Actual product may vary in shape, color or design as per the availability.
  • Total set up is provide only for  rental basis.
  • You’ll need to provide a ladder to reach the ceiling.
  • All the balloon will be normal air filled ballon .
  • Decorator will not wait for more then 30 minute.
  • Except ballon  and foil balloon all material will be taken back next day.
  • No rescheduling or cancellation is possible after the decoration has been attempted.
  • If the decoration has to be done at Banquet hall or Hotel prior permission has to be provided to Venyou4u team for the set up.
  • Both side tapes will be used to stick balloon permission has to be provide from the Management team to use the tape for stick the balloons.


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