Best Custom Flex Theme Decoration

Decor Style ID :BD000

Set Up Time :3Hrs

Decor Rent Duration : 4 Hrs

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Stage Backdrop Decoration:

  •  Backdrop Type: Baby  photo  flex  backdrop
  •  Backdrop  size: 6 x 6  ft
  • 18  bunch  balloon  will  be  placed  at  flex  backdrop
  • 2  twisted  bunch  balloon  of  4ft  will  be  placed   near  the  backdrop
  • 2  balloon  pillar  with   baby  foil  balloon  will  be  placed  either  side  of  backdrop
  • 2   twisted  bunch  balloon  will  be  placed  near  the  stage  elevation
  • Cake  table  decoration   will  be  done  by   balloon  row
  • 600   no   of   balloon   is   required   for   total   decor
  • 4   LED   power  can  will  be  used  for  better  look


Pathway /Party Area Decoration:

  •   200   Normal   balloon   and   ribbon  will  be   used   for   party area   surroundings   as   bunches


Entrance Decoration:

  • Creative    balloon    arch    gate   at   the   entrance
  • 1  welcome  board will  be  placed  near  the  entrance
  •    no   of   normal   balloon   is   required   for   total   arch  gate decor
  • 2  LED    light  will    be   placed   both   side   of   the   entrance   gate


Requirement From Your End:

  • All decoration with bunches of balloons for walls as per venue manager’s consent.

  • Minimum  12 ft height is required for this theme set up.

  • Sufficient set-up time should be available.

  • Cake table and cloth need to be arranged by the customer or the venue management.

  • Power supply is required for the decorations to be completed on time.

  • Ladder need to be provide to complete the decoration if necessary.
  • Access to the venue (with required permission) has to be provided to VenYou4u team by the customer to complete the decoration on time.



  • Cake  ,  cake table,   cake table cloth,    table and chair  not included.
  • Stage   platform   not   included.
  • Maskin  tape  will be used for all bunch balloon decoration please take   prior   permission   from   the   venue .


  • Cancellations & Refunds:


In case of cancellation, refundable amount is calculated based on the following policies:
Cancellation Time Before Party Refund Percentage*
0 – 24 hours before party 0 %
1 days – 3 days before party 25 %
4 days – 10 days before party 50 %
11 days or above before party 70 %
* Refund Percentage will be calculated on Total Advance Amount.



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